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Google as a Fraud Detection Tool

The security advice from the platform WG-Gesucht.
The security advice from the platform WG-Gesucht.


In the last years of my life, I have experienced how hard is to find a flat for renting in some big cities, such as Brussels, Belgium and Hamburg, Germany.

One of the reasons for this is that in the flat rental market, there is more demand than flats available. Another reason is that there are many frauds on flat search websites. It is not easy to control efficiently every offer that is published. Most of this platforms warn users about the danger and provide some advices to avoid it.

My aim with this post is to make you aware and give you some advices on how can you do a step further on finding out scams. Continue reading Google as a Fraud Detection Tool

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It’s impossible!

Have you ever spent some time in Italy? I’ve been for a month, in Milan, Pisa, Florence, Perugia, Rome and Turin, together with my girlfriend. She stayed some months longer and knows well the answer to the following question. Do you know which was the most common expression we have heard from Italian citizens? No, it was not pizza, pasta or bella raggazza. The last one, at least not in my case. Continue reading It’s impossible!

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